Circle Circle Math – Hello, the end of the world?

Circle Circle Math: a new end of the world and how the human race has changed and will change within it

Circle Circle Math is an American artists that best represents the concept of new kind of human.
We have imagined his works as a visual representation of the changing we, as humans, would have in an hypothetical end of the world.
He starts with a real life portrait of a model and then, in Photoshop, he will intervene changing aspect and inserting colorful effects.


Some people believe that the end of the world will coincide with the invasion of aliens.
Aliens, in our culture, are a new kind of superior intelligence that are here to conquer us and make us their slaves.

In reality, scientists have said through years that we haven’t proof of real life aliens, but for sure in other planets there are other form of life, different from us.
But no one said that in the future, when the Apocalypse will strike and the world will end, there could be a new kind of human race, a new genre of human, a new kind of person.


Circle Circle Math pictures are stunning, presenting a mix between a beautiful human girl and a new kind of alien, a human personified one: melting faces and eyes, disturbing mixed faces and head without eyes or noses or mouth, all is scary but fascinating.
Some girls lack of the central part of the face, creating a hole where rainbows or ray of lights pass to light the world and this new kind of human.


Other girls are broken in two pieces to let flowers grow, a delicate representation of a new feminine, a new way of being a woman in the end of our world.
The colors are made by neons or pastel pink and blues, sometimes a touch of green and a rainbow, representing the colors of the brave new world that is attending usa t the end of the one we live in.


Check his work here!

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