Art School – Fashion is Non-Binary

Art School: Discovering Modern Nature.

Art School is engineered by Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt, a creative partnership behind the genderqueer collective. Showing again at London Fashion Week, the collective is an important part of the dialogue about gender in the fashion industry and beyond. The collection celebrates the non-binary and genderqueer body with voluptuary pieces.



Anna Calvi played the haunting music that provided the backdrop to the show and created the setting for their SS20 collection: Modern Nature. The title is shared with the journal of filmmaker Derek Jarman, an inspiration for the collection.


The pieces in this collection seemed to be muted which underlined the haunting beauty of it and the models and collaborators were etherealized in a beautiful celebration of the marginalised.


Matching this otherworldly setting, the models’ eyes were milky white and some drifted while others manically jerked down the runway. Anna Calvi played in the centre of a large occult circle. The spirituality of the show could be felt throughout as those watching were able to peer into the this other plain of existence.


Silver, white and black were the colours that dominated but through a mixture of textures and the pieces were more refined than previous collections.


Art School, once again, presented something that was a distinctive contrast from many other brands attempting gender fluid fashion.

This because it is a creation by genderqueer rather than for the profit from the shift in thinking of the fashion consumer. This is a more than welcome distinction that is felt throughout the collection.
Theirs is a runway of authentic celebration and representation that can only be born from within those at which it is aimed.

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